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Type RE-5

Polyester Round Slings


• Polyester roundsling with two ply woven heavy-duty sleeve.
• Round Sling Endless and Round Strop Sling with eyes
• Working load limith WLL. 1-40 Tonne, Length 1-20 Mtr.


• Sling are constructed of 100% polyester.
• Certified standard DIN V 61360 Show at blue lable
• Safety factor 8:1
• The load bearing yarns are protected by a double layer seamiess polyester-cover.
• Only 3% elongation.


• According to Machine Directive 89/392/EC.
RE-5 roundsling with 2-ply woven heavy-duty sleeve
The roundsling inner core is made from high tensile polyester fibre which is
wound continuously without a join to provide the maximum possible strength.
This core is protected by a tough woven tubular sleeve also made from
polyester without side stitch.
It serves to protect both the inner core of the sling and the surface of the
product which is lifting.


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